Horse lover


Photo Nerd

I’m a North Carolina native, bookworm, and pet lover. I have a Fine Art degree from Appalachian State University, where I fell in love with hiking through the mountains to find the beautiful remote spots in the Blue Ridge. I’m currently based in Edisto Island, SC - if you’re in town and want to grab coffee sometime, let me know! 

If I had my way, I would spend a large amount of my summer sitting on the beach reading a book. I have a distinct fondness for azaleas, spanish moss, and salty air. 

I chose to become an elopement photographer because I absolutely love capturing such a pivotal moment in people’s lives and memorializing the joyful occasion! This wonderful job lets me be creative and collaborate with some incredible people (like yourself!). 

Hi! I'm Emily

My sweet little potato, Napoleon, who I adopted in college and is almost disturbingly excited about anything that squeaks